You got me grinding my teeth. Crying out loud, for any relief… It’s my heart that you hold, The same heart That you dare not release. I already know That you won’t let it go, But tell me please, Why you have to squeeze.


It’s a Gas Station epic, It’s an Asphalt grenade- When I Busted my face With the Fall from a sky-scraping tailgate. When the night before, I snuck to pour Myself another shot Of Vodka, Every time they stepped Outside to smoke their cigarettes. And then the morning hawk Saw me shaving Michael’s head Because I […]

4:00 AM

There was darkness all around; Thick enough that she could drown. Somebody creepin in the house, Now she’s listening for the sound… Got caught up in the shroud, Hands tied and body bound. Now she’s stumbling through the house… And she’s praying to be found… Screamin’, “Who’s up, who’s up at 4 in the mornin?” […]


Bad Sucka Had messy, green hair And sweet, plump lips Made a shy little smile. She thought It made her look like an alien, Or maybe a reptilian (And maybe, just a little bit). Bad Sucka Had eyes like glass, bearing tears that crashed into a Sea so vast… I’d met her In the center […]


There’s a place I know Where no train has stitched its tracks, Where no hand has traced a map, And nobody’s worried, It’s beautiful… Mountains of unearthly color There wait to be discovered On this continent of wonder And nobody ever gets to go. Gold dust Is carried on the easy breeze, And settles in […]

Get Me Right

When your fading memory bites down into my shoulder, I can feel it coming over. It’s the same warmth I recall When you sat on the bathroom counter, Keeping me company During an evening shower. With your hypochondriac ranting Your diagnosis for me Was perfection, And the medicine was Carried in your scent. Even now […]


I was struck. I was stuck. I was washed out, And pushing my luck. When you kicked out My window, And demanded I take All your love… I remember the playful tilt of your head When we’d go down the hallway To crawl into bed, And you’d say that you just want to… Touch. I […]


Put it back. That thing you got Is a seed of the Sun. Put it back In the crack You took it from. That thing you hold Is shivering for the cold, It’s too heavy to be handled. Too precious to be sold. That thing you got Is the blown kiss Of a forgotten star. […]