Because it is a dream. I can’t explain just how it feels But you’ve only seen a fraction of What’s real. Different shades Of further days Envelope my burning brain With memories that I’d be better off Forgetting, or addressing Anything but reminiscing On the moods and on the challenges we knew. And I have […]

In A Name

In a name I find some peace And just a slice of sanity A way to claim the reality Of the better half of me. That’s exactly what it is, And it’s not just common sense, So if you haven’t lived my life how could you know? In a name I show my shame Politely […]


The single-file line of pine trees standing Tall upon the hill I’m passing Guide the way to where I need to be Along the ridge where forest meets the road. I follow them into the valley low. Now the pines surround me And the smell of earth abounds I only hope that I am never […]

Among The Reeds

I heard a sound among the reeds The first, a shot Then splashing feet And up into the air I went First wet, then cold And wet again. And with me, all the other specks Were spun into a new unrest. I heard a sound among the reeds Carelessly crashing over me I saw them […]

7 Offerings

I had seven offerings How they weighed me down… You let me deliver them Into your worthy hands…   Leaning, Tipping over, I know I’ve come too far. I have seven offerings, How they weigh me down… Let me Deliver them Into your worthy hands. Stealing The sacred hours, Away from me and all. Sealing […]


It has to be a change that matters. It has to be A pain that passes A peace that’s lasting This time. It can’t be a hand that’s holding mine, Fingers losing grip in time As skin is thinning Over miles It has to be a change that really matters. A pain that stings But […]