This is how I let things go; I build them up, then watch them blow, When I can’t get over, and I can’t break hold Of what you promised me, At 8 years old. Diamonds, lights, and streets of gold, The time you stole, And the hearts you broke, The lies you told, And the […]


No, I’m not the greatest, But I’ll give you the most. I’ll run up and down your love, Until you feel me in your toes. Until you bear me in your heart, My scent still clinging to your clothes, I’ll be the reason for the dizzy feeling. I’ll give you the most. Do you know what I […]


Kill the confusion, Let’s be clear. If you’re tired of the crying. Of being here. If it’s been enough of nothingness And ugliness. And all you want to know is When and where Something or someone will come To clear the air. And every other thought Is some kind of panic. Stressing over little things, […]

In Memory of The New World

It’s been so long now, I can’t remember if it was a long-forgotten dream, or just a worn-out Memory. But dreams have their limits, going only so far and so deep as the dreamer’s imagination. A memory has no limits. Because a memory is the skewed, fragmented echo of something that Truly happened, And anything […]

Banana Boat

If I wait for you, will you follow me, To a banana boat, floating on the crystal sea? We’ll go island-hopping, until we find our own, That nobody’s discovered, we’ll call it home. We’re so young, and we deserve to be free, Sail away to paradise, another life, with me. Let me take that back, […]


And I saw a vision of shining gold, As the Vedas were sang in the chantings of old, Pushing me, pulling me, front to back, As rainbow wings faded to shady displays of banded black. I fell to the ground, in surprise, as Garuda’s wings smothered me, Covered my eyes… And I guess it was […]


Send me back to Bad World, Where the locusts fly so free, Where clouds of ash and toxic gas  Go swirling in the breeze. Where massive beasts sharpen brazen teeth On the bones of fallen fiends, And lava flows in its fiery glow, Just washing over me. Send me back to Bad World, Where every […]