Shady Palm Soliloquy

I did you dirty, Sarah.

I did you wrong.

I got you reckless, careless,

I never lead you on.

But we were babies, playing,

Beneath the shady palms.

We gave our bodies, Sarah.

We gave it all.

But no regrets, Sarah.
We paid the debt.

And yes, in total fairness,

We both had begged and bled.

I never think about you,
I never stop and stare 

Into a lonely distance,

To see you waiting there.

And we were both mistaken
To treat each other poorly.

I saw your heart was breaking,

I watched you struggle for me.

And I was just so distant,

Until the very end.

I guess you could have missed it,

Mistook it for pretending.

The hollow year that followed, I begged  for you to want me.
Now that the trip is over,
I’m hoping you forgot me.

And how we gave our bodies, 

Lost in each other’s arms…

When we were babies, playing 
Beneath the shady palms.

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