Kill the confusion,

Let’s be clear.

If you’re tired of the crying.

Of being here.

If it’s been enough of nothingness

And ugliness.

And all you want to know is

When and where

Something or someone will come

To clear the air.

And every other thought

Is some kind of panic.

Stressing over little things,

You know don’t actually matter.

Feeling stuck,

Like you’re never moving fast enough,

But with every step you manage to run,

You think you’re passing something up.

Or missing out.

On what life just may be about.

Always 2 steps away from satisfaction,

From the answers.

Always 3 steps back, in doubt.

So I’m going far from here,

To a place where there’s no fear,

Just the love I can make,

And the time I need to take

To get things clear.

I’ll leave behind my body,

It’ll handle things just fine,

But let me hold my own soul,

Please just let my mind be mine.

And some won’t want to see you break away.

To be like the wind, another drop of careless rain.

And maybe all they’re wanting is another body to keep them warm

But I’ve seen that trip,

Just let me have my wind and rain,

I swear I’ll be the perfect storm.

See through the illusion,

Understand the skill

It might just take to illustrate

The meaning of Free Will.

Living in a honeycomb of

Patriotic world-religion,

Copy/Paste political views,

Ctrl+Z intuition,

Where is the space for innocence?

Where is meaning in resistance?

And I’m no different, another hypocrite,

Doing and allowing the

Same old shit,

All the while complaining that

I’m sick of it.

But I know I can do better.

I know I can be more.

So I break free, we all break free,

Into a cold sweat, heavy breath

Last ditch, desperate attempt

To save the innocent child within us all

And sentence the hatred, the menace within us to death.

And these are just the ramblings of my mind,

But yes it’s mine.

Kill the confusion,

I’m making it clear,

The future is coming

And there’s nothing to fear.

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