Everybody thinks it’s money  And it spends. Sticky sweet, like honey ‘Til the end. But they can’t speak on What they’ve never lived. Blinded by the binding light, “You should know, you’ve got the gift.” I paint it black, baby. I hold it close.  An act of charity Nobody knows. My Summer Sun Sonata, They […]

Two Tonics

Chalk that up to a lesson learned, another door open and another bridge burned.  Sometimes you have to let them both in;  The deadly venom and the precious medicine. Because we can’t afford to let the opportunity go to waste, And half the time, both tonics taste the same.

Church of The Ivory Moon 

Fill it up high, We can fill it up.  Take it to the sky, Is it high enough? Until the glow is bright enough To outshine any Sun. On the shoulders of giants,  We stand to reach the heavens. The magical marble of the night Is nestled in her blanket, never-ending. We pour our hearts […]


Decked with diamonds, draped in white. It’s his daughter’s wedding night. But all he can do, to keep his cool Is shift the sand between his boots. In times like these, a woman’s oath Is to her country, and the Pope. The only one to own her soul, sits high upon a wicked throne And […]

Before Her Time

A story of a sweet young girl, but I don’t know how to start it, Forced into the swift decision to be hurt, or to be heartless. Time flies when you’re in 7th grade, but now you’re playing mama  To your precious baby brother, that your mother never wanted. And people talk, but talk is […]


I am the marble Yes, I am the stone. Crack my sides and Chisel my bones. Put me through the process, Make my body real. Knock off the dust From your pottery wheel. I am the marble, I am the stone. I’ve seen you struggle through mad midnights, alone. Bring me your hopelessness, sing me […]

The Apostate’s Mistake

The fever dreams were screaming, I tried to tell her. She didn’t want to hear it. Just left me in the cellar. You don’t believe in demons? But don’t you know, The reason for your grieving Was never flesh and bone. But it’s not my vocation, It’s not my purpose, To dip your drying eyes […]