Send me back to Bad World,
Where the locusts fly so free,

Where clouds of ash and toxic gas 

Go swirling in the breeze.

Where massive beasts sharpen brazen teeth

On the bones of fallen fiends,

And lava flows in its fiery glow, Just washing over me.

Send me back to Bad World,
Where every day is a Revelation.

And the air is heavy with the ambient cries of sadness and frustration.

Where rivers of blood bubble up and spill over the banks of the barren wastes.

And The End of Nations rules over the land,

In the form of disaster and plague.

Send me back to Bad World,
Where the–

 Wait. What are you picturing?

Some apocalyptic imagery?

Probably a smoky sky,

An endless, hellish night.

With monsters terrorizing men,

And yes, my friend,

You’ve got it right.

Send me back, because I don’t know
If Heaven is somewhere I’m ready to go.

Because darkness is something I’ve failed to deny, so many times… How simple should it have been for me?

How evil am I?

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