No, I’m not the greatest,

But I’ll give you the most.

I’ll run up and down your love,

Until you feel me in your toes.

Until you bear me in your heart,

My scent still clinging to your clothes,

I’ll be the reason for the dizzy feeling.

I’ll give you the most.

Do you know what I see

When I close my eyes?

You’re dancing on the rooftop

In a flurry of lights.

I’m checking the time,

Wishing your friends would leave,

The crickets are whistling to the rhythm of my wishing,

“Please, please, please…”

You sweat. As you dance.

Can’t tear my eyes off your body,

In case by chance…

You sense my gaze.

And return a glance.

Oh no, but you sweat… As you dance…

And you twist, you spin, you turn

You meet my hands…

Trickling down your slick back,

Raising every little hair…

Then holding you in place.

Keeping you there.

Until the beat stops.

And we’re both left in a breathless state of

Sensual shock…

I’ll give you every minute,

And the hours that follow.

I’ll love you through the night

Until you’re feeling me tomorrow.

And you’ll never be empty,

I’ll bury love down in your soul

Until your knees get weak,

Until you feel me in your toes.

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