And I saw a vision of shining gold,

As the Vedas were sang in the chantings of old,

Pushing me, pulling me, front to back,

As rainbow wings faded to shady displays of banded black.

I fell to the ground, in surprise, as Garuda’s wings smothered me,

Covered my eyes…

And I guess it was a dream, because how else could I explain

The chanting sounds dancing around my spinning brain?
I saw before me a towering place, as I fell through time,
And flew through space, Watching land and sea shrink below.

And a wave of raging serpents rushed across the sky,
To bury their fangs into Garuda’s side.

But they didn’t know that Garuda was strong, and led them to death, with a powerful song,
That rang with the sound of ten-thousand bells,
As mighty wings spread,

And a heavy chest swelled.

Garuda swallowed the snakes alive, and cast their champions to the fire

That burns to mark the end of every age.

He turned to me, with a fiery stare,
And I struggled to stand, and listen to a voice that shook the world, like a crumbling mountain.

He said  “I am Garuda, I am king, of the eagles, the seekers, and all sacred things. The holy Vahana, destroyer of serpents,

The leaders and keepers of truth are my servants. I am Garuda, I am king. When you wake, tell the world of this thing you have seen.”

So here in my bed, I’m keeping my promise, To The Vahana, to Garuda,
To myself, if I’m honest.

I was a witness to unspeakable power,
As the legion of serpents rose up to devour

Lord Vishnu, The Rider, in the darkest hour.

When the chanting of Vedas ring,

Pay respect, or get swept

beneath Garuda’s wings.

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