Banana Boat

If I wait for you, will you follow me,

To a banana boat, floating on the crystal sea?

We’ll go island-hopping, until we find our own,

That nobody’s discovered, we’ll call it home.

We’re so young, and we deserve to be free,

Sail away to paradise, another life, with me.

Let me take that back,

I’m moving too fast…

Just imagine you and I

In a sunny patch of grass.

Watching the birds, and the clouds drifting past,

I fall deeper in love, with every laugh.

Deeper in love, with every touch.

Not keeping track,

Not feeling that

I’ll ever have enough.
And if the clouds roll back around,

And they gather to a storm,

Just know that

With both hands,

I’m keeping you warm.

With one voice like thunder,

In a whisper of wonder,

The umbrella, and the spell,

We both find ourselves under.
And if you don’t want me,

I’ve still got the dream

Of our banana boat, floating on the crystal sea.

And I’ll go island hopping, until I find a place

That lights up my heart,

Like only you can, today.

With your mind, with your eyes,

And the memories of laughter too.

I’ll live alone, but I’ll call it home,

I’ll name my island after you.

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