The ones we remember- the ones we know best Are the ones who cut deepest or leave the biggest mess. Coffee stains the teeth, as blood stains the heart, Love stains the sheets, it leaves you reeling in the dark. Rational, the end, imagination starts To beckon, to set in- it’s tearing you apart. Apart from […]


I’ve been waiting for a revival. The kind of electric shock that injects new life into the atoms floating in whichever direction it happens to strike. Vibrations, it usually starts with frantic vibrations. There is a warmth that overtakes me. It feels a lot like pride, or accomplishment. But I know better. This doesn’t come […]

The Legend of Dock #4: Part 1

It all went down on a warm November night, at Lake Lanier. I had been employed by a private Marina as a security guard, charged with the responsibility of keeping the wealthy, weird, and perpetually drunk yacht residents from descending into chaos. I was the Overnight Patrolman of the Holloway Marina. Chaos usually manifested itself in […]


Her sweet nectar is perfection, and she bursts into bloom– Whenever we’re alone, and we need no room. We need no tools, we make the mood, Watering the garden ’til the buds peek through… Her dewdrop dress. We squeeze the fruit. We fill up, just to spill. We suck the juice. High Glory, praise Love. Her touch […]


High glory. Praise God. For the peace I feel inside. For the breeze that sweeps the night. For the wrongs that turn to rights. High glory. Love self. In sadness, and in health. Under Providence, In confidence, As consciousness swells. High Glory. Be cool. Never bending, defending your truth. But no need for preaching,  Life […]


Crocodile tears mean nothing to the one With alligator eyes, toes buried in the mud. With deepest dreams of sweetest screams, Scales steaming in the Sun, Waiting all day, he craves the hunt. His history is scribbled in a dribble of blood, Spread thick across his lips And on the tip Of his alligator tongue. […]


“Timeless” is this energy… And your love has left its stains in me. Still, I know you were made to leave, No use in playing make-believe. God knows, I’d offer you eternity, But timeless is okay with me. If you’ll just stay, in memory. I’ve never felt like others feel. I’ve never seen how others […]


No romance, She was just a dancer. I was the High Court Necromancer. It brought her to her knees, When I rose him to his feet, One snap, He’s back, in a hole so deep. Her promise, made to me, Blood Pact, She’ll dance, She’ll slave for me. To save her lover, Hear him speak, […]


Pornographic images are burned into my retinas. Dirt and dust have found their way into our crevices. Sunset comes, sirens blare, silent stares, make their point; the point is to leave you speechless. That’s the mission, to leave you longing, scraping at the edges of this bowl, the edges of your fragile sanity. Silver screens […]