I have to be careful. I don’t want to be obscene…

But what she did to me, you have to understand.

I’d spent a thousand years within her shady palace walls.

She brought my body to the limit.

She taught me how to give.

And keep giving, until I’m out of breath and dizzy.

Just to come back, and push myself beyond what I thought was possible.

To give, because it makes us both like nothingness. Content. Unaffected. Fine.

The night I met her

All I can remember,

Is a rush of toxic lust.

I knew I had to have her lips.

But I was patient.

And I waited.

Until the night she taught me how to give.

I could never compare her to another.

She showed me what it was to be truly wanted.

And I saw in her eyes

A bravery.

I had found in her eyes

The core of every sweet thing

And every lasting pleasure

I have ever desired.

Now I can’t settle for less

Than the joy and the fullness she brought into my life.

And I troubled her.

I sabotage myself.

Because a life without that feeling isn’t anything at all.

Once you know her love, that’s all there really is.

Her scent rises from her skin

Like poison dust.

It binds me. It steals my will.

She became to me


She taught me how to give.

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