​The days were flying by.

The mood intensified.

We needed time, and just a little space to think.

The past year wore me down,
No rest was to be found.

So I packed my bag,

And headed for the gates.
A bumpy ride, but I felt so satisfied.

 Now I could truly breathe, 

And take the time for something new to me.

Crossword puzzles and paper cups. 

The amusement park, by city bus,

This vibe, this life, was feeling pretty sweet.
I’ve heard that people are alike all over.

And it’s only the names and dates that change

But she’s the one thing I couldn’t replace,

In Osaka.

I settled in,
Got comfortable again.

And was content to drop my lifelong torch,

To drink my tea, and sweep a creaking porch,

In Osaka.
Now and then, I’d catch a familiar glance,

 And remind myself that there’s no chance
That she could be there, in the crowds that pass me by.

You can’t run from your life, 

But you can always try
To change the way you see it, from inside.

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