Mija, Mija

I could never know how you’ll come to be,

In this world someday, alongside me.

But I feel you, I feel you in my bones,

And I’ll be the man who brings you home.

I’ll never shout you down, never block your way

Because I know the feeling, and I know your pain.

Mija, Mija,

Please hear me now,

Deep in my heart, your own heart pounds,

You can fly away, high as you please

So long as you promise to come back to me

I’ll never let you burn, let you blow away

Because I have to have my baby, every single day.

Mija, Mija,

Don’t feel afraid, when the animal inside comes out to play,

Stand tall, stand tall,

Show her who’s the boss,

Learn to use your hands, before you use your claws.

And if you choose to let go, live for the kill,

You know I’ll grab you tight, you know I’ll love you still.

Mija, Mija,

I don’t even know you,

But I love you so much, I can’t wait to show you,

All the things that the Spirit has given me,

I’m gonna give to you, and endlessly

I’m gonna wonder who you are, and how you’ll be,

How your name will sound, even how you’ll speak.

Will you look like her, will you look like me?

Mija, Mija,

I don’t honestly care,

  About the color of your eyes, or the curls in your hair,

I’m gonna love you even more than I already do,

Mija, Mija,

I’m gonna spend up all my time, just loving on you.

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