I thirst

Thirsted I, for skies starlit and the morning mist’s dew to relieve my feet.

But lifeless valleys wrap over the land,

Stone walls, sheer as shale, brace the four ragged corners

Of this aberrant new plane… Thus repelling all timely wisdom, and slicking away all answers the most immediately unknown borders may offer.

Wholly bitter and severely unnatural, is this new plane.

Thirsted I, for the choristers of Springtime’s reprise, and the chatter of geese.

Yes, slumberous memories bubble to rise along the torrid channels of what was once… my mind,

But the only choristers to be heard here are the hellish host of my shackled neighbors…

There are wailings, there are curses, there are apologies, bottomless.

Our music is the incessant patter of slapping, sliding hands against the shale stone walls of this Abaddon…

Recite we that everlasting anthem we strange countrymen bellow from the rotten core of our hearts…

Thirsted I, for a glimpse of the true firmament, as in life had I known it to be.

And found I darkness. As darkness, she found me.


Nameless Unknowns offer no fear…

To the edge of sanity, am I guided by trails of blood.

Too long here, I sought

A way to rapidly rot…

Away. The gnashing of fangs, and lamentations eternal,

Follow I, into The Great Away.

Offended, was I…

At the sight of the endless expanse.

At the knowledge of torment, nightmares that shallowly breathe

Themselves into solid form. They lurk. They linger…

Millions like me, shuffle constantly upon glassy bits which like sand

Do consume the land… But this is no shore. And there is no sea.

To where do we travel? How we thirst for our lives…

Only rivers of blood. Only tears of relief.

No longer, do mine eyes offend me…


No longer in Limbo, suffer I.

Sweat and iron fill the air, but I march into glory…

No chain weighs me down, I fly by wings of glorious light…

Heat. Heat surrounds me. Shoulder to shoulder.

I hear them cry, screaming in ecstasy… We made it, my brothers.

My sisters. we fly.

No longer in Limbo, suffer we.

Warmth abounds here… Sweat and iron…

Listen to the song of Salvation, the freeing of souls… Cast us out now…

Into the blazing light.

We fly now. One before the other. Straight into the Sun…

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