Evelyn Is Home

Been a while now,
You’ve been down, I know.
No smiles, except the ones we hold back as our swelling dimples betray us.

Back-breaking convention,
A meeting of the practical teachings
And new trends.

Not good, but new.
And what was left for us to do?

Kiss around the lake we never saw together.

Dance slowly to the music you had meant for me to hear.

But I missed every kiss, and I passed every dance… So I could think. I thought I could… Think. I felt that if I thought… I could think of a way… that I could feel a way…

You made a way for me,
And you should know that I’m thankful

Is it really any wonder
That this place was just another
Hole for me to crawl in, alone?

Nope, it isn’t any wonder why I’m calling

You home.

And I’m calling you home.

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