Between you and I…

Yes, I love it. Uncovering you.

Much is hidden. But I’m a patient gatherer;

I bury my ankles in shallow water, and collect sand dollars by the pound.

I offer them to you, but you refuse to take; You insist on joining the hunt.

You swallow gritty mud, and vomit pearls at my feet.

You string them into impossible patterns, and you forfeit all intensity. You make it seem easy. Natural.

Much is given. I notice every gesture. I revel in every color you display.

Your light reflects upon the surface of this great ocean,

And though I am blinded by your brilliant kindness, your electric essence guides my heart.

In turn, I will bleed for you, in verse and in deed. I will pluck the fibers from my flesh, and weave for you a tapestry of elemental splendor. I will shock you.

And much is given, between us.


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