Little baby loved

Sleeping under trees,

Grandfather taught her

How to change with the leaves.

Stacked her pinecones,

Planted her seeds,

She got old,

Then she got green.

Our Mama

Had eleven bad kids.

Some grew dumb,

While some grew big;

They got caught, while the little ones lived,

Ate their candy,

Played their tricks.

Our Mama

Put the little ones to work.

Stacking up pinecones,

Digging in the dirt.

Planting saplings, filling up the earth,

With light,

With fruit,

 With a promise to the world.

Our Mama

Stacked pinecones high,

11 bad kids, some dim, some bright.

Some grew dumb, while some grew big,

The bright ones dipped,

And the little ones hid.

In the First Forest

Where the Cedar Folk lived.

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