I was in an old town,

On a nameless, lazy street.

Just another sundown,

Swaying in the dusty breeze.

I told Karma, “You know, it’s time for us to leave.”

I had to match her madness,

Shake those shadows from my dreams.

We drove until a dirt road

Became a battered gravel path,

My brakes were wearing so low,

We had to travel fast.

I had to get my mind right,

Before an answer could be found.

So I slammed the gas,

Until my Karma let me down.

Must have been about 100,

In a Georgia 45.

And that was when I found it,

Staring down the holy night;

When you hit rock bottom, and there’s darkness all around,

That’s when you grab your shovel, learn to dig the UnderDown.

If you can find the love within the struggle, that wakes the magic in your soul,

Just like King Midas,

What you touch will turn to gold.

When you think it’s over,

And you feel those heavy blues,

You can be a soldier.

You can stand and face the music.

There’s no more reason to hold your head and cry.

But before you tame that dragon,

You’ve got to learn to love the fire.

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