Unable to ignore the words

Repeating in my mind,

I take this as a sign to put them down.

And fully aware that I am not the first

To hear the silky whispers

Of that voice,

I’d rather live my life and never know

“The end of time”.

In the bathroom

In the bedroom

In the car

And always alone

Saturating otherwise

Peaceful, happy times.

Here it comes

The growing lump in my chest

The look that I know I make,

Because I’ve seen in it the mirror

When I hear those words again

“The end of time”

And at any other time

The same could be said

Unending cycle,

Great curse among all men

The burden of those living in times of peace

Will always be

The dreaded whisper

Of our collective anxiety.

Only serving to steal


The much brighter


“The end of time”.

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