Here I am, as I’ve always been, a speck in the corner of your starlit eyes

open whenever you hear the sound of my calls and cries

out to you from the endless Pass, the framework of darkness driving us wild

runners of light that fly between us, the tail of the comet, O radiant Venus shining

brightly reminding us of miles that throw us into our winding

paths like remora, gripping for life, the squeal of your fire, the wane of your light

Casting doubt from my corner of this great quarter, I’m aware of your struggle and now despise

me if you want to, it’s always the same, I give what I do and you’re never to blame when I slide

around you, and never crossing paths, the multitude of stars like chalk lines as I pass you by

the hold of your gravity, the meaning of sanity escapes me like cosmic dust settled on the rim of this night

never ends, it sits still and considers itself, it writhes in the pleasure of binding us tight

chains that grip our metaphysical wrists and I wonder if you feel bound to me or just to the sky

overhead is like white pushpins, fixed in a blanket of black fabric against the rungs of time

runs out but never actually goes, for here we are, in our eternal repose, so cry

out to me now and let me know you’re with me as the victim of this blameless crime

committed against the will to be one, in time, we’ll see the light– as we drift into the Sun.

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