Bed of Daisies

In a scorched and barren place, I saw her first. A dancer of the legless kind, with eyes too small to notice me, butterfly on the breeze of volcanic ash. Wings dipped in softest lavender and bordered by the truest black, her crooked flight told me she was searching too. So of course, I followed […]


Quickly, calmly, I appear before the vision of a bloom, shattered vases, scattered faces lying silent in this room.  Could you be the dancer I was searching for so long? The upheaval to the grievance that’s kept me chained to cellar walls? The sky blue ribbon in your bun is coming loose. I reach out […]


  Here I stand as sunlight forsakes the world and slips away. And today, it’s a painfully long goodbye. The birds continue calling, and the reddened sky maintains it’s haunting depth. Something massive in the distance catches my eye. The horizon yields but a clue as to what happened here. It must have been something […]