Bed of Daisies

In a scorched and barren place, I saw her first. A dancer of the legless kind, with eyes too small to notice me, butterfly on the breeze of volcanic ash. Wings dipped in softest lavender and bordered by the truest black, her crooked flight told me she was searching too. So of course, I followed […]


Motionless state of being, the humming of electric channeling is all there is to be heard. A million transistors in perpetual communication, information flying, data read. A bug in the system, a skip in the beat. Dusty ventilators clogged with cells of the long-gone living are wheezing. Frozen gears and rusted knobs outside the door. […]

Soul Skipper

I’ll take my time, you’ll take yours too. We’ll bring our fears to the wishing pool. We’ll take that jump. We’re gonna make that leap. Out of what we know, and into what we feel. The water’s always right, and the breeze keeps us high… Just give it all to me, and we’ll toss it […]