Pretty Boy

What you think Really matters. We can be anything we’re deciding to be. If we change our clothes, We can change your mind.  What you think really matters.  Life is a charade, and we were born In the city of a non-stop Masquerade… Charm your mind.  What you think really matters. In the city of non-stop… The […]

Princess Friday

Princess Friday has a toasty complexion, That she accents with rings of rose gold, set with select bits of Dragon Opal. Smoke rises from the warm void in the rift between her lips. A pearlescent dye coats her little toes and deciding fingertips. Dynamic jackal, her manic laughter is that of a long-thought wanderess. Prone […]

You May Laugh

I never see the hard nights coming. My nose never knows when It’ll stop running Up the skirt of the Bitch called life, She’s cunning… And smells like a Peanut Butter covered Chocolate Bunny. But for being insane, she sees me Rightly punished, with nightly ravings. To be me, you would laugh. To be me, […]


What’s messed up, Is that you’ll always be looking for the gift In everybody else, when there’s nobody else Whose humanity you will constantly question for both the right and wrong reasons, and with such frequency. Well, I’m sure you’re uncomfortably aware that  Nobody else can guide himself so perfectly and so certainly, to the […]

Master Caster

Little Miss Sunshine, why so scarce? When you’re near to me, Life is fair. And life is fair, if not always so bright… That’s what I believe. When I’m alone. In my room. At night. And that’s pretty, to me. That’s what happiness, that’s what peace looks like. Be my reflection, and the light of […]


Take me in, slowly. Like alcohol, Water-Breather. You are used to the lil boys with no hops… Colorless, and easy to thoughtlessly Swallow. You could get careless in your consumption, As they offer no challenge To your constitution. Your throat forgot their passive passage, Much too soon, Water-Breather. Slowly, feel my potency. I settle within […]


The people who live here Man, they really don’t see… Why this Dead End is beautiful, to me. Suspicious sounds abound in the wooded skirts of the streets I creep. Waiting for her. Always happy to wait for her. It’s a charm, and it’s a mystical vibe, but the people who live here, Man, they […]