I only want to feel how wet Your heaving breaths, A woman’s sweat Like raindrops, speckling my devilish head, Can really get. If I throw you A curve… Can you throw it back? If I let you stir, and self-serve… How will you boldly react..?

The Doctor’s Study

THE DOCTOR IS DYING, And where is his daughter? Upstairs, right turn, Shut the door Fall asleep Stay there 6-hour alarm. And where are his rings? Up the hall, right turn Open top-middle drawer In rickety desk, Snatch poorly laquered case The Doctor is dying, Hurry up. Where is his dog? The bastard is weary, […]


Just seeing this, I know … Your associations Deeply fixed, Though you resist, Will ironically call you To judgement. And you know, Famine is waiting At your doorstep, to greet you With a bloody, gumless grin.


Do I live up to it? The name you gave me, That I only hear through the Tightened canals of distorted childhood memory… How could I? Who do I give to? What have I done To feed another family’s curse? My good nature will be my death, In charity. My evil inclination will see to […]


To be with you. To be like you. I would bury myself… In the earthen waves Of Lake Ponchartrain’s bottom, Where your essence Must reside. Let me grow, Let me spread, Under and alongside Your influence.  I am your seed. That’s why I’m strong. I will lift you up for the world to see.


At the sounding of a whistle, White-hot, and steaming, Brassclamps release A guided missile From the metal belly Of the man-eating machine That marches into impermeable darkness With motion detecting capabilities That mean You can’t outrun him. You can’t hide. Best-in-show 5 years in a row At the Science fair It’s known to host For […]