Can you see The Kingdom? To los you r sight anf be content. An you see The Kindgo? To lovve tou borther as tourself? Y see E Kindgonf? Th clos you get, Te lesz this wrold mak sense Can you swm Thw kingdong? Too wakr up smilirn, Wih the kwnwoledeg thhart somebsoy W as. ao […]


I just want to find the perfect hive… On an overcast day, let me crawl inside. Bust off the twist-top, pop out the sides… And emerge, to eat you all alive. Overcast evening, let’s crawl inside… Be irradiated by the noxious vibe. Be disintegrated into toxic slime. Tell me when I’m oversharing… Have I crossed the […]


When you burn more bridges than you cross… You might be an island… I mean ethnological-economic, where not everybody should follow… anyway… (But back to Plate Tectonics…) When you toss more lava than you caught, And I’m half asleep, so it makes more sense… You’re playing with fire, but that’s okay. We might learn something […]


Of everything, I never knew How I wanted to be the love of your life. A lesson learned. So painfully. The one thing you never wanted to let yourself believe. Of everything I have to give, I’ll give So worthlessly. It’s a thing about trust. It’s a giveaway. It’s a visceral, stabbing pain, Am I […]

The only good duende

Tears still come to my eyes. Forgive me for being a crybaby, please. It’s part of who I am. Still born and raised in the projects, still strong enough to survive off jelly beans and bread. Still ready to give my love and life to the cause. You can’t take that Heritage away from us. […]

Oil Paints

My heart. A marble in a 55-gallon oil drum. And the rusted bottom is flaking out Chipping shards, and my sharpest regret. Every word having been spoken, Brokenness. BUT BUT BUT. By this new song, the rumbling drum… slick spillage… marble bangin’, I undress Reality; This is an unforeseen curve… She, who until now, was […]

Car Case

I don’t roll the windows down, It feels like cheating. I’d rather feel the heat.  I’d rather do the work. I’d rather live this feeling. I could never scream loud enough To break all the way through. I don’t breathe. I get dizzy from the power. And when I hit that note And carry it […]