The most trying Crossroads you will encounter Are not to be found on the ground, beneath your feet But instead, Found piercing your heart. A road named Fear A road called Doubt.


How will I haunt you? With both heart and mind. So far Beyond the boundaries of our chapter in time. I drop tears for your absence, The serenity of our vibe. Just Making me a better man, One stroke at a time.

Syren Shoals

Supernatural signals,  Syren squeals from the deep, Hearts break in the wake Of her devilish feast… Scratching at the bow Of the first-in-fleet, Begging to release her venom, As toxic as it is sweet. I am lost.  Between the mythical,  And physical. I am enthralled by The sexual power Of this nautical abomination. Nasty and […]


Shit. I feel it coming back again. Running out Of reasons to resist… Cascades Of geometric poetry, For eons long- Beyond the Dawn, They don’t even know We still exist. You are my fascination. You move me. I can’t give you up. I don’t want to believe That it took so little for me To […]


Smoky survivors Were climbing the horizon, As crystal castles collapsed. Minstrels and mercenaries Doomed for a crash, Split their fates with The conquerors of kingdoms. Flashing their flags, As they tumbled past, I thought myself To be ascending… But the Moon choked back its laughter And spat aloud an answer- “No, Baby, the whole world […]

Peach Pit

There was work. I put it in, and never looked back. Never taken for granted, The clarity we share, Now that we’re here…. Well, we have each other To thank for that. Nobody knows you, as well as you know These hands.

La Culpa

Me das la culpa. Cada vez. Basta, te digo, Of stuffing these words back into my face. No soy tu amigo Nada mas, Or no me tratarías this way, Porque cada vez Que me das la culpa, I apologize in shame. Pero esas palabras No significan nada, What about the HORAS Of sharpest pain? Who […]