Oil Paints

My heart. A marble in a 55-gallon oil drum. And the rusted bottom is flaking out Chipping shards, and my sharpest regret. Every word having been spoken, Brokenness. BUT BUT BUT. By this new song, the rumbling drum… slick spillage… marble bangin’, I undress Reality; This is an unforeseen curve… She, who until now, was […]

Car Case

I don’t roll the windows down, It feels like cheating. I’d rather feel the heat.  I’d rather do the work. I’d rather live this feeling. I could never scream loud enough To break all the way through. I don’t breathe. I get dizzy from the power. And when I hit that note And carry it […]


Yes, I understand there are Highs and Lows, But why did you send me to face them alone? When you smacked the new, blue rosary to my chest, And said “There lives the lion, now do your best.” Was that carelessness you were wearing, Or was that confidence? When you called me to your Quarter, […]

Make Me Feel

You have what it takes to make me feel. Good. But what will it take for you to reveal My nasty secret.  More than a mouthful. It will take too long to tell. But can you survive the tension, As this energy swells? Surrender is your best bet; In the Proving Grounds Of The Sacred […]


I have enjoyed pleasures In the highest degree, Been served well, the elixir of peace. I have known treasures As secret as the sea, To say their presence is obvious, but their wholeness, A mystery. And never-ending, no. That’s the difference. Between what we feel, and what we see.  


Teacher. Guardian. Friend. Two black-beaten eyes were unfit for your Dirty Butter skin. With you, I match. With you, I make good sense… And resonate against the backdrop of reality With a sound that is harmonious with, and lasting in Nature’s Opera. You did magic in me. And you don’t even remember the one sacrifice […]


Passion, meet Mattress. Face down. Blackness. That’s everything now. Massive. The gavel that pounds Against my dome, with a crashing sound. Musical. A one-track mind. Beautiful. That lost place in time. Memory, please, do dare to leave. Memory. Please, could you be so kind?