The only good duende

There’s an old, old saying

Staining the lips of men,

“The only good Duende is a dead one.”

They say

“The only kind Duende is a fed one.”

Through beer-soaked beards, the layman sneers,

“The only right Duende is a left one.”

But in the corner of their eye, we will always be.

We’ll sweat and stack in honesty.

From the First Forest, to the somber peaks,

To the layman, we owe no apology…

They say

“The only good Duende is a dead one.”

“They only spread chaos, and bedlam.”

Through closed minds and clenched teeth, their hearts do speak…

“If there’s an honest Duende, I haven’t met one.”

But I offer you, Young Seeker,

“Is there any good man?”

I think that is the only good question.

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