“I won’t push you away anymore.” Dusk swallows the sight of the source Of the sound. We don’t know who spoke it. But potent Jazz speaks us easily to the abandoned shore… Bright beams streak from what now seems so far away; I remember that was the room I was gazing out from during breakfast […]


You smile With your eyes, and you laugh With your belly… You are fresh. Authentic. And rare. Please tell me You’ll let me Play for days, in your hair. ┬áLet me kiss you… There… And there.


I perched myself upon the rock Where only hours before, I’d hollowed a spot just large enough For my backside to fit, although snugly. I peered down the mountainside, in the direction from which I’d come. I was filled with conviction for my cause; I was here to save Gideon, the Magistrate’s love, from the […]


Nerves so bad, With tells like that… I thought it Was obvious, This dream I’d had… We were waiting for another Flying saucer to land… On a nice, quiet evening, With drinks in-hand. Tell the middle-aged crickets To break up the cover-band, I want to hear our heartbeats, Bouncing back Off the landing pad.


You can’t pressure me Into a damn thing. Give me a hammer I still might not swing. Give me a mic, I still might not sing. Your social standards And insecurities have never been mine. Take that to heart. I don’t need a paper To tell me I’m smart. I love being me. That’s why […]

As It Turns Out…

When a baby dies, It grows goose wings, and flies Up to the iron front-door That’s bolted to the sky. A smooth, warm voice offers “Come inside…” Now, when a baby gets in, The first thing she sees Is an endless stretch of beautiful grassland, Buried under 37,733,996 piles of bird feces. The sky is […]