Murder the Moonmen.

Baby, they’re the ones.

They said

“Bring her to us…

Please, make her come.

Then, make her come…

Over, and over again.”

So, you can blame the Moonmen,

They said “Make her love glow…

When her eyes shine, we’re reminded

Of our home.”

They’re the ones who’ve been

Sending you those messages,

They’re up in the Mothership,

Hacking my cellphone.

And what would you do,

In my position?

I had less than a minute

To make a decision…

Guess we gotta

Murder the Moonmen…

You know, they threaten

Global destruction,

If you and I aren’t touching…

If we don’t get busy lovin’…

So come on.

We can blame it on the Moonmen…

And if you think this is too weird to be true,

Like I’m making up an excuse,

Just to get closer to you…

You should hear what the Martians want us to do.

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