“I won’t push you away anymore.”

Dusk swallows the sight of the source

Of the sound.

We don’t know who spoke it.

But potent Jazz speaks us easily to the abandoned shore…

Bright beams streak from what now seems so far away;

I remember that was the room I was gazing out from during breakfast in the day.

Now like stars, its sconces wave a deceptive invitation.

I won’t push them away anymore,

Laughter in their glare, leads us back to the cabana door.


I miss your cheek against my palm, the roughness you delivered to me this way, that reminded us both by its making…

We loved bugs.  And wearing out old shoes. We loved rocks. We loved touching each other, leaving traces of these elements that established and sustained

Our connection…

We loved eating shrimp and plantains…

When I stayed to lay with you

And potent Jazz, at the abandoned shore.

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