Shallow, one-sided conversations, Leading to regretful instances Of passive relations Are this new, and overexposed Cellular generation’s Answer to the call of modern dating. And that’s a strong case to be argued For faithful dedication To inventive masturbation.

On my knees

My grandmother used to tell me To get on my knees and Clutch my rosary, To pray before bed. Then, my mother taught me It wasn’t necessary; God didn’t need me on my knees To hear me. I remember my new, casual conversations With On High, And slowly, over many years, I stopped praying altogether. […]


I think you were once A child. I think you were hurting. I don’t know what your Gospel Sounds like in your own head. But I know what it looks like On many a canvas. I know what it sounds like When it sends us to bed. I forgive ya. Not for the others. But […]

Good Love Is No Good

If it don’t listen, If it shrinks you down. If it makes you truly blue. Not worth it. You can’t get with it. If your heart is wide-open, And they reach a hand over To sample the saccharine vibes And dip… You can’t get with it, Please learn not to give That kind of thing […]


We all drift to the same rock, We’re all bunched in the same knot. But we’re binding, all this time. I want to be more than I’ve been And what I been Is stuck on the same thoughts… Dissatisfaction. For what? I trust you Somehow. It’s been some time… Why let go of this life […]


I came to you. Years ago. On the wheels of a wagon That bore your father’s coffin. And I am here, because you cared About me. When you could have let me wither away. You gave me life. Now it’s my turn… A late bloom is better than none. The expectation: Corruption can’t stand. Laziness […]


You gonna change up? Are you gonna start wearing Shoes with no socks, And doing the Hindenburg Hop?  Do you expect me to believe that you’re going to start giving up? You must have forgotten, For all your sad talk, getting lost in sorrow. I’ve been out on the stoop so long Hollering at you, […]


Not that you don’t know this… But nobody’s listening as loudly as me. To you. You keep leaning against me, but to be honest, I don’t feel you. I thought you had plans, man. And I’ve heard your thoughts, So I know you’ve been scheming But what good is long life If you spend it […]

¡Ale, Adelante!

Why you cryin’? Searching for souls to steal. Climbing up balconies, Running over rooftops And causing a scene. Your snail-trail is losing its charm. Your fangs dun been lost their point. I remember when you stood For something. But you got mixed up In a whole lotta cryin’… Remember when it wasn’t so easy To […]