The Doctor’s Study

THE DOCTOR IS DYING, And where is his daughter? Upstairs, right turn, Shut the door Fall asleep Stay there 6-hour alarm. And where are his rings? Up the hall, right turn Open top-middle drawer In rickety desk, Snatch poorly laquered case The Doctor is dying, Hurry up. Where is his dog? The bastard is weary, […]


Just seeing this, I know … Your associations Deeply fixed, Though you resist, Will ironically call you To judgement. And you know, Famine is waiting At your doorstep, to greet you With a bloody, gumless grin.


Do I live up to it? The name you gave me, That I only hear through the Tightened canals of distorted childhood memory… How could I? Who do I give to? What have I done To feed another family’s curse? My good nature will be my death, In charity. My evil inclination will see to […]


To be with you. To be like you. I would bury myself… In the earthen waves Of Lake Ponchartrain’s bottom, Where your essence Must reside. Let me grow, Let me spread, Under and alongside Your influence.¬† I am your seed. That’s why I’m strong. I will lift you up for the world to see.


At the sounding of a whistle, White-hot, and steaming, Brassclamps release A guided missile From the metal belly Of the man-eating machine That marches into impermeable darkness With motion detecting capabilities That mean You can’t outrun him. You can’t hide. Best-in-show 5 years in a row At the Science fair It’s known to host For […]


Wondering if it were any stronger To face Karma, Than to look it in the face And say “I don’t care.” To look the Executioner In his shotgun’s eyes, Before he blows you to Hell, And say “I’ll see you there.” The world made no profit Offa ME. Nor did it offer Any business Of […]


A “pure heart” Does not negate the law of Free Will. That’s the reason¬†Angels rebel, Imps become Darklings, And why those who commit themselves To endeavors of great evil Sometimes have divine blessing.

Class Clown

Goodmorning, Ms. Morrison! Welcome to Jean Gordon: The finest elelmentary school In all of New Orleans… Where kids can get hip To the precious ettiquette Of pinky extending With every chocolate milk sip… So they’ll grow up To be somebody important. Goodmorning, Ms. Morrison! It’s your favorite student… The one you call “special”, With a […]

Woman Named Wolf

Wolf was wild at 33, She spread her deadly novelties And told me there was chemistry My bare brown eyes still couldn’t see She spread her love out Like disease And left me Floating in a puddle. Softly. I floated. Raindrops dressed me. I changed color. So long before I faked A drowning death. Wolf […]

U and X

Do you feel alone? I know those arms, and that’s okay. Do you feel alone? There is that man, he does stand tall. But do you feel alone? Do you feel alone? There is that Unpredictable epic Written in the lines of your palms But do you feel alone? Do you feel alone? Do you […]