Woman Named Wolf

Wolf was wild at 33,

She spread her deadly novelties

And told me there was chemistry

My bare brown eyes still couldn’t see

She spread her love out

Like disease

And left me

Floating in a puddle.

Softly. I floated. Raindrops dressed me.

I changed color. So long before I faked

A drowning death.

Wolf was wild at 33;

She took my young bones

And she spread her tomes of knowledge

Out for me. She made me read, ’til

I could see

My brownish eyes began to peel,

Wolf took my strong bones

And she squeezed

Whatever conscience

Then was real.

Wolf was wise,

She told me too

That I would grow, to be…

But kissing me on my nose,

Still let me know

Her home was no place for me.

Wolf is still out there. I still see the shadow of her legs

Crossing over, and interrupting 

The moonlight reflection

Over my lil puddle grave.

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