¡Ale, Adelante!

Why you cryin’?

Searching for souls to steal.

Climbing up balconies,

Running over rooftops

And causing a scene.

Your snail-trail is losing its charm.

Your fangs dun been lost their point.

I remember when you stood

For something.

But you got mixed up

In a whole lotta cryin’…

Remember when it wasn’t so easy

To get you tripped up?

When your word was bond?

Well, I remember when these impressions

Were an art form you respected,

And when no matter what, the show had to go on.

I used to look up to you.

I still do. But people around here

Have been talking. Doubt is out here.

We look up to you.

So get up, and get there.

I need you front and center.

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