How I feel 

You’ll never know.

Time is ticking and I feel it

Winding down.

Let me repent.

You know, we belong to each other

In a way that nobody else does.

You know I’ll drop everything for you

Again and again.

If it’s really over 

And I pushed you too far…

The joke’s on me.

Because I miss you.

Making with you.

Feeling the Sun in the city.

I think I might sleep

Through this.

I want kids.

I want a good life

With you.

I want to be strong with you

And for you.

I wanna chill hard.

And build worlds, in artistic euphoria.

Let me give back now.

I know.

Let’s do it right.

I am the one

Who loves you.

And I do understand.

Could I wake up with you

in my arms again,

And stay forever,

Before you say

“No more.”

I am still yours.

I been yours.

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