She was so ashamed to take the thing

You were giving to her.

She was so dizzy. So lost.

New to that world.

So green.

Everything was fresh, and stretched

On infinitely.

Elysium now, It hurts so much to say.

You were so vibrant. And the world around you

Conformed itself to your beauty.

Everything was living.

She can still feel your head on her shoulder

It could not be more real.

Hiding place, both saved in a way

From reality.

Every day was you two.

She couldn’t handle it. She can still see your eyes,

And the pain, her dismissal of it, you don’t know.

You don’t even know.

You made so much of her who it is.

You showed her inside… You brought her into your

Whole world.

She was alive,

And ashamed to take

What you were giving her.

And she loves you. She will love you.





She broke it open. She can’t put it back.

And it should have been easy.

Natural to her.

She felt the real thing, and knew she couldn’t

Handle it.

Red. Sweet.

She broke it.  Your hands, they are drifting away.

Dripping wet.

It does hurt.

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