The Alternative Lifestyle of Jae Orland

She knew what she had

When she had it.

Even in youth, she appreciated your love.

Knew what you were.

She took you in like smoke, and allowed you to settle inside.

She listened to you. Stopped chasing.

There was no strange concept. Just the desire to make you as happy and secure

As you made her. 

Now I have to live with her voice in my ear and her heart pounding against the backdoor of my irritable conscience.

And Jae refuses to write this out for me, because she’s ashamed of my alternative life.

And we are in pain if anybody could know, we WILL love her like no other, for the rest of our lives.

No restarts in reality, we both mourn the love lost here.

Jae lives in hope forever and it’s hard to watch and feel, and to hear and to know.

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