Why did I let this get away from me? Why did I hide from what’s so real? The way it looks, I only gave My heart To take it back, but… That’s not the way I really feel. I am the same one That you trusted. I am the same one That you loved… And […]


No false pretense- Only flexing. Of the muscle that lives In the loft above my rib. Training everyday. Like there’s something to show. Your blood ain’t thick Enough. To stop my flow. My heart beats Your heartbeat Into quick submission Chokehold unforgiving Enthuse you enough Are you sure You wanna challenge me On my home […]


Sail away the “horny boat” No hope for hanging Garage milk soaps… This is the message So you can see What happened When you did your V**D** It’s posted on the wall Of a dreamy museum found in Alejandro’s regent This cardboard puzzle Its edges fold And the images Of desecrated, mutilated heads Pushed by […]