It is true

That there are times on this journey

That I look back over my shoulder, Longing for

Yesterday’s adventure.

And at times, I struggle with contentedness and acceptance…

Yes, my mind goes to that place

Where negativity is bred…

But then I remember

The moment we entered

The Platinum Era.

See, everything is bright here.

Everything is rich.

Young Seekers,

Truth is the one thing

You can give to everybody

Without division or compromise.

Truth is the coolness of the day

Which also opened our eyes

To the revelation

That we live in this

Platinum Era.

Positivism, broadened perspectives,

These are The Tell-Tale signs of the times.

Or am I blinded?


By the glare of this

Radiating core, white hot.

Why not

Let my thoughts

Carry me into

The Platinum Era…

And if I am blinded,

It’s only because

I’m seeing the light after so

Very long.

Being happy,

When it comes most naturally

Could never be wrong.

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