What could be better Than a moonlit regret? I am the Adversary, I am the Enemy. The boy you learn To love the most; I am the Aguamalas, I am the CrawDaddy. My soul, As rotten as the crust On a catfish head In the Gulf Coast Sun. This skin, As sticky as the mud […]


Doesn’t matter What my trip is, I’m always mounted at the precipice Of my own New Age. I know I’m the freshest, The best At whatever I do. Doesn’t matter how old I get, Anytime I’m living, I’m in my prime, And I’m pushing 100%. If your head believes What your heart contrives, And saccharine […]

Tiburón Alone

You should have been here by now, Weaving under the waves with me. Creepin’ together, getting tighter, Hiding away. I should have your attention, In the season we play. We fought for our lives. Against one another, We gnawed at each other’s sides. A fulfilling torment. A casual combat. We marveled at the same lights, […]


Sometimes I want to be your Morning Glory. And break open a new day, Waking you with my kiss. But I could only ever be Your last night’s memory… Reminding you Of what not to do, All over again. Sometimes I want to be your evening shower. Strip you of the burden That dyes your […]


My forehead is pressed Against the block. I really can’t take this Anymore. What am I supposed to do? You really gotta leave me alone. These words are feeling More and more Like the meaningless symbols Of a forgotten day. I abuse them now, In the self-indulgent Deconstruction Of this volatile mental state. This is […]


It takes time. Not to wear it down, But to bring it out. The marbled inner core Of matchless ecstasy. The eruption of passion That can happen only after The breakdown of The grand facade Has taken place. Meltdown. It takes time, to melt down. Gliding around the sphere.  Compression. The slow massage of a […]


Nobody cares that you’re not impressed, That your taste is beyond the curve. The unpopular opinion Is a banner you’re free to wave. It’s a cloak you’re free to pull Over your head. But you should know, There’s value in anything That makes anybody feel something. In your dismissal of a power that moves, You […]