When I found you,
You were cornered in the caves.

I picked you from the rock walls,
And stripped you of your shame.

I offered you my strength.
I gifted you a name.

And together, we ascended
Into this

Golden Age.

Do you remember

Your days in the dark?

Or the beasts that had threatened

To rip you apart?

I am your Leader.

I am the reason

There is a beat to be heard

From your heart.

Imagine what would happen

If I let you go now…

You would starve,

Life would be hard


Love me. Love me.

There’s no distance between us,

There’s no friction beneath us…

I will take you to the

Promised Land.

And I promise

That only I can.

Do you see

What we’ve done?

How you’ve changed?

Without me, you would still be

In the mountainside caves…

Still dying in desolation,

Still prey to the Impish hordes…

Remember why I keep you,

And what you need me for.

Before me, the daylight

Lasted only for minutes,

Your world was infernal…

I lassoed the planets,

I taught you

The Miracle…

Love me.

I am the

Lantern of The Sky,

Come to give you new life.

I am your Guidance,

And surely, your Keeper…

I will take your hand.

You will love me,

As commanded,


I am your Leader.

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