Of course, it had always been in the back of my mind…

I’d wondered, many times before

What would happen

If I ever found 

One like me.

Out here, in the shallows,

Everybody wants to 


And I always find a way

To answer hunger’s prayer,

Snatching up

The prey.

But what if

I find one

Like me?

Their every move, like mine

But amplified by their greater size,

What if they do to me

What I’ve done to

So many?

I’ve got to get stronger,

Push harder,

If I want to


I’ve got to find


To build me up.

But I’m still so little,

My body too brittle

To dive deep enough.

To reach the good stuff.

What can I do?

If I can’t get by them,

One like me…

Then I won’t survive.

But I’ll never get bigger,

Forever the victim…

If I don’t try

To find

One like you.

Before you find me…

In these endless shallows…

Where everybody wants to eat

One like me.

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