The most trying Crossroads you will encounter Are not to be found on the ground, beneath your feet But instead, Found piercing your heart. A road named Fear A road called Doubt.


How will I haunt you? With both heart and mind. So far Beyond the boundaries of our chapter in time. I drop tears for your absence, The serenity of our vibe. Just Making me a better man, One stroke at a time.


I won’t even get into the setup involved. It handles too heavy. It takes off too fast. Who wants an adrenaline rush when you’re trying to relax, and take a bath? The User Interface is a pain-in-the-ass To figure out… And there has to be a way to turn this thing on, without using your […]

Syren Shoals

Supernatural signals,  Syren squeals from the deep, Hearts break in the wake Of her devilish feast… Scratching at the bow Of the first-in-fleet, Begging to release her venom, As toxic as it is sweet. I am lost.  Between the mythical,  And physical. I am enthralled by The sexual power Of this nautical abomination. Nasty and […]