“Mommy, where do people come from?”

“Little girls and boys come from their Mommies and Daddies.”

“Okay, but where do Mommies and Daddies come from?”

“From Grandpapas and Grandmamas. It’s bedtime, Danna. I’ll tell you more tomorrow. Sweet dreams.”

“Mommy… I really wanna know where people come from. Please please.”

“Oh my gosh… Seriously Danna? We came from the Old Tribes of  Cedar Folk, Now we use the word ‘ Duende’. But that was a very, very long time ago.”

“What’s that?”

“… Way too much to explain right now… They’re good people. They loved nature, planted all the forests, and cared for the animals before regular humans like us got here.”

“Wait, so are they still around?? Am I a Duende??”

“Yes, and no, it doesn’t really work like that. We all have some Duende in us, just some people have more than others these days. Some people are still completely Duende, but they live far away.”

 “Well, where did the Duende come from then??”

“Danna… That’s hard to say. This is really something you’ll learn later on-“

“Mom!!! PLEASE.”

“Oh, here we go… They came from the Eight Omchas, a magical people of clay.  The Cosmic Dragon crafted them when he ruled the Earth, in those days… They accomplished great feats and re-shaped the world, after centuries spent as his slaves…”

“They sound so cool! What were their names??”

“Well… There was Omcha Roma, Omcha Verda, Omcha Gora, Omcha Maeda, Omcha Twaza, Omcha Locra, Omcha Rafa, and Omcha Chama. They were like brothers and sisters, but they were all very different. They each did their best to protect the world, and make it safe for us to live here one day.”

“Woah… they sound like superheroes! But if  the Omchas came from the Cosmic Dragon, where did the Dragon come from?”

“The Cosmic Dragon, Abakiral was born in the clouds of gas that float around in space. He was evil and horrible, and too scary for this conversation. He broke the moon. Goodnight, Danna.”

“Was Abakiral ever a baby?”

“Nobody knows. He was the first living thing, so it’s impossible to tell.”

“You still didn’t say who made him though! If the Dragon made the Omcha guys, and the Omcha guys made the Duendes, and normal people come from Duendes, then who made the Dragon, Mommy??”

“… Before Abakiral, there was Something and Nothing, The two forces that romanced each other during the timeless prehistories.”

“Mommy, that sounds really epic. What happened??”

“It was epic, Danna. Something and Nothing were lovers at first,

But soon, they discovered their love couldn’t work,

And when they broke up, their division created the whole universe, in the space between them.”


“Because they couldn’t get close, without falling into, over, and through each other.

When they finally gave up, their love became everything that exists. The end.”


“Yes, Danna…”

“Is the universe still made up of Something and Nothing?”

“No, baby, now Everything is Something.”

“Well what happened to the Nothing??”

“It disappeared…”

“Wait, so Nothing disappeared? That means… Everything’s here…”

“That’s right. Now, I love you. Goodnight.”


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