Distractions, manipulations.

Conditional love.

I’ve recognized each blessing

As it stares me

In the face.

But there was no hope

To slow

This emotional entropy.

No amount

Of appreciation,

No chorus

Of exaltation,

Can stay the

Master’s Hand,

And stop time.

I am more ready than ever

For absolution.

Mouth it. Say it. “Absolution.”

Feels good, so much better.

Where I believed you

Were waiting for me…

All I find is

Conditional love, a misunderstanding.

Because soulless devotion is not

Who I live

To serve.
Can you understand
What I’m saying,
In any other terms?

I know.

If I paint out
This expression,
In disgust, you will return to these words.

And this is never for you,

If you have the mind to contrive,

This is between

The infinite

And I.

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