See it shining in her eyes,

The rounded teardrops crystallized

And spilling out onto her cheek,

 Determined streams of dread tumbling Down her suede skull.

I never thought I’d be the one

To see her shining, by their

Mirror-like cloaks,

And in a shroud of mystery

Watch her cling to 

The silhouette of a stranger’s child.


She forces out the words,

Inky waves rippling outward,

Forever more distant, forever more slight.

And now the blast marks from her 

Explosive revolt

Will last long after we’re dead.

Because in the haste of a 

Dark decision,

She pays the price, so I go ahead…

I empathize. My heart breaks.

Though some will say she did it wrong

And others still, will cast their stones,

I know for sure I wasn’t dreaming.

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