I was struck.

I was stuck.

I was washed out,

And pushing my luck.

When you kicked out

My window,

And demanded I take

All your love…

I remember the playful tilt of your head

When we’d go down the hallway

To crawl into bed,

And you’d say that you just want to…


I remember the sound of your voice…

As was never so sacred a noise…

The song that you sang

Came to me

On my channel of choice…

You had the rhythm

And frequency…

You had the shape

And the symmetry…

And I don’t mean your body,

No, nobody

Could know how this feels…

(But since you mention it)

Just how did you manage to

Make me lose track

Of my heart and my head,

By the bend of your legs,

When you wrapped me

And trapped me for days…

In your easy embrace?

If there’s one thing

I’ve learned since

And taken in earnest,

If you want to be happy,

You’ve got to have courage,

To pull your dreams on up

And out.

From the sleepy surface.

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