The next time we meet,

I am going to show you

The power of  V**D**, that I hold in my chest.

The next time we speak,

These curses will blow you

Into Gehennah,

Where your Mama bakes bread.

And I don’t deceive you

When I say

I’ll drop down to meet you,

So count the days.

Because I’m landing on your head.

I’m giving out lashes

Until every pore is scored red.

I’m pouring out vials
Of terrible plague,

Razing your house in the
Season of dread.

Bathing myself in the blood of my rage
I will set fire
To the floor of the demon’s cage,

Then set it free, to dance in the flames.

It’s just so easy to judge,
To say that I’m reeling in evil
And meaningless hatred.
But if you know me…
You know that’s exactly right…
And this feeling is something
I consider sacred.
And no, I’m not changing.

I’m not changing
A goddamn word.
I’m honoring a promise
I made to the girl.
I’m striking this match
With a prayer that we burn.
But when the smoke clears,
You are going to learn…

Because I’m going to bury you.
Just like I said.

Down in Gehennah,
Where your Mama bakes bread.

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