Young Seeker,

I am whispering to you,

  Over rapids that rush wild.

And the river my voice must cross to reach you

Is known as “Time.”

We are the same,
And I want you to live…
To flourish
In the knowledge
I’m about to try to share.

If you don’t know, I love you.
This expression, I could never overuse.

This is something you need

To become comfortable with.

Loving yourself.
You lil freak.

I know you never think

You will be stung by the aftertaste

Of wasted kisses.

But you will, and your life-blood will spill,

In the name of vanity, and trivial things

That were better off left to themselves.

There will be filth.
There will be dust.
Don’t hate them.
Embrace them.
They are just
Like us…

I know you think
You don’t matter at all.
But actions add up…
And we stack them tall.

Since the Spirit breathed life
Into the clay husk
Of humanity,
We have struggled
To balance
Under the gravity

Of our troubled minds…
That sit high,
But dip low, so alone.
Encased in a prison
Of failing flesh and crooked bone.

But this is the secret…

Give in to the Sun.
Let it dry out the layers of mud
That will be built upon you
And weigh you down.
Remember my mantra,
The lost is soon found…
Give up this burden,
Before Nature’s Golden Crown.

Then this is too a secret,
Give in to the wind.
Let yourself fly, to be carried again
As your soul evaporates
In the heat of the day,
You will rise to the clouds
And you will be saved.

Then this is a promise,
I’ll see you again.
And I promise you always,
An end to the endings.
And no more pain,
Once we’ve pierced this
Great Sphere…
Young Seeker,
Listen closely, though you barely can hear…
I am only whispering over rapids.
But in time, this will be
So clear.

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