Lil Boy

Was the trip like a fall, when you took it?

Was a tear like a river that rolled?

Was the line like a trench, when you crossed it?

Lil Boy, believe me, I know…

That this world is a puzzle as you learn it,

Will you learn “As above, So below?”

These are the things I wonder about you. So long. I wonder so long.

You’re my blood, so I know you see

Green hands that wave, when you stare up a tree.

You’re my son, so I know deep love

For the whole of the Earth

Fills you up like a flood…

That runs to the core of your beautiful soul.

Your widening mind… God please, come to be free… In your own time.

Lil Boy, you’re a blessing to the fields that spread

And the oceans that sprawl to the world’s four ends….

But was a lie like a dream when you heard it?

Was a nickel like a seashell stomped flat?

Was love like a drug, when you learned it?

Did that same birdsong fill you with sadness..?

These are the things I wonder about you. So far. I wonder so far.

Lil Boy, you’re my bones,

So I know you feel

The fire of vitality beneath your heel

And Lil Boy you’re my flesh,

So I know you are strong.

This world is a puzzle.

But your soul is a Sequoia.

You will live free.

Live long.

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